A couple of days ago I decided to join the spoken word club in my school.
The coordinator laughed when I told him just that. You can imagine how my confidence took a dive down hill (head first).
‘ I know I have what it takes ‘ I said and I had spent all night writing and memorizing a poem I felt needed to be heard.
I went for the meeting he said I could come to and he laughed some more than told me they weren’t auditioning or anything.
Now the old Sophia would have crawled back into her shell and stayed hidden, not this Sophia.
This Sophia decided to make lemonade with the lemons given.
‘ And so the vision was birthed’
I’m shy and will always be, its kind of my thing. But when I find my zing, that thing that drives me, I go for it.
This is my first post on my new blog ( God that sounds nice)
My wish is to connect with the shy girl (or guy) that is dying on the inside to express herself ( or himself).
I mean, if I can do it, you can too.
(p.s @ brother whose name I will not mention, when you do start auditioning, you can bet I’ll be there)