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I wondered how life would have been if I hadn’t met him.
if I hadn’t been broken up to the point when I needed more, I simply needed him
so when we met on that cold rainy day, me a girl at the peak of my youth having not yet experienced what love was.
And he showed me, he draw me close to his side, showed me his nail pierced hand. Turned his back to me and showed me his scared back. Showed me his wounded side where blood and water flowed mingled down.

Then I knew.

so that’s what love is, selflessness
cause even when I lay still in filth and sin, He loved.
so that’s what love is,lasting ‘Forever and always’ He said, until you draw your last breath
so when I sing songs like ‘blessed assurance, Jesus is mine’. No dear I’m not mourning the death of a loved one, I’m affirming my stand.
Cause that’s what love is unquestionable.
I don’t have to doubt if his love is true. Cause I know even if life gets in the way and I drop it down and walk away, He remains faithful.
so that’s what love is faithfulness
I would have been drifting in the sea of life like a ship without a sailor, lost.
so that’s what love is being found. Cause he found me.
So here I am lord, you got me
No more will I let things cloud my judgement and cause me to walk away.
No more will I go to all the wrong places looking for the kind of love that you give.
Cause your love is unique
Your love is goes far beyond what the human eyes can see.
You love is power flowing through me and giving me life.
Your love is you.
Your love is sweet like honey straight from the honey comb
Your love is strong like the rock of ages.
Your love is good and peaceful, merciful,joyful, your love is gentle.
Your love redefines love.
So here i am lord
Into your hands I commit my love
Cause your love completes me.

You should hear me present it…