so today I did good

today I didn’t think of how I looked nor the words I would speak

today I stood before a crowd ‘a small crowd’ and I loved it.

they were looking at me, absorbing all I said, flowing with me and loving it (I hope).

so today I did good

I forgot about my shyness and wore confidence like a king would wear his robe with pride.

so today I loved me, loved the me I know is me.

today I held their attention like a news reporter giving updates that affected the world would.

today I was me

today I didn’t feel like crying, so today I danced instead.

today I smiled wider and loved more

today they shook my hand, you did good they said

so today I did good

today I walked with style. Head held up, shoulders back and chest out.

today I played with my hair and they noticed, I laughed and they laughed with me.

today I stood on my tippy toes and swayed left and swayed right.

so today I read, drugged from this hype I pushed sleep aside and read.

today I realised, I can be as great as my imaginations, and I will be

today I was me, the me I know me to be.

so today, today was great.