This is strength
This right here is strength
So no, I wont let anyone tell me I’m small and weak
Cos I’ve lived it
I’ve been it when weakness wasn’t an option
When I had to kick myself back up
This is courage
This is ‘you want it? Fight for it’
This is relentlessness and outright stubbornness
This is me saying I’ll earn it
This is love
Not the kind that makes you go crazy… Ok maybe
The kind that makes you love you the way you’ll want someone to and even better
Cause I know
I know what I’ve gone through
I know my struggle and my fight
And honey, I love the me I’ve become
So this is truth
The kind that changes everything
The kind that makes you different
And I’ve come to learn that different is good
So this is me.

there’s nothing like finding yourself. Knowing who you are and going for it, going at it in spite of every and any obstacle. To those who have, congratulations and to those like me still discovering themselves, loving and sometimes hating the process, chin up, you’re almost there.