I may be a couple of months late but I can’t forget the feeling I got when I heard ‘ i will wait for you’. For a girl who loves love this was a perfect description of what it ought to be. Now, ‘ i waited for you’, someone pinch me. Perfection again. I’m going to wait and proudly say i waited. Till then, ‘ I’ll lay on my bed… And write poems on how I will wait for you’

His Love is Better Than Wine

One of the things that has brought comfort in this “season of singleness” is the fact that there are many others having the same experiences. Many others who are fabulous, amazing individuals who could be dating or courting or “kickin it”. But they don’t. Because they desire something greater. One of those individuals is Janette McGhee aka Janette…ikz. This woman is a BEAST on the mic. Her poetry is clean cut, precise, and the weapon of the word slices through the atmosphere like a two edged sword when she speaks. But you know what’s even better than her gift of poetry?

Her heart.

And her character.

And her love for Yeshua.

She released a poem a few years back called “I Will Wait for You”. In this piece she declares that she is done with settling and she will wait for the man God has for her. If He in…

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