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someone said it a while ago and i couldn’t help but pick it up. She said she hates the fuss, why do I have to play the perfect girl, dress all nice and wear the perfect smile 😊. Why don’t you just love me.

so I’ve heard of how theirs is an epic love story and of how he loved her back. I’ve heard of how their first word turned into conversations that stretched on for hours. I’ve heard of those fights and heart breaks that made them redefine what they felt love was.

but what of the girl sitting at the back sit of the world? Why doesn’t someone tell her story.

the story of how she is too scared to speak up yet inside she could burst with a thousand reason that might just make you change your mind and say you love her back.

so why the hek doesn’t he? Why doesn’t he love her?

I mean doesn’t he see her efforts, her prolonged laughs at his dry jokes, those nearly stalker but deep sexy stares (she hopes), she’s being told from all the movies and books she’s read that that’s what starts it.

so why doesn’t he notice? Why doesn’t he love her? She would sit at that back sit and imagined he did. Those thousand reasons