I love many things

I love when I wake up early and I get to see the sunlight fill up my room slowly but surely
It teaches me patience. Don’t worry child, it says its coming.
I love when I go through them hard times and come out stronger
It teaches faith. You see child, God says I told you I’ll see you through.
I love when I’m stuck in a funk and I know I can call them and they’ll be there with a truck load of encouraging words
It teaches me the value of family. You see child, they say we’ve got your back always and forever.
I love when I watch one of my many series and they portray love in the best way ever
It teaches me hope. You see child, it says happy ever afters does exist.
I love how we could talk for hours and never run out of what to say
It teaches me what it means to connect. Don’t worry child, he’ll say I’m here.
I love how I could withdraw to my inner me and find solace
It teaches me me. Don’t worry child, I often say I know
But I love most when I don’t have to cause you’re there
It teaches me love. Trust me child you say, I love you.