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Love can be many things, now this may sound weird… She drew in closer to me and said ‘ but I love it most when its revenge’.
A chill went down my spine not because of the sinister smile she gave nor the way her tongue rolled over the word ‘revenge’. It was because I knew what she meant, I loved it too.
No author explains this better than V.C.Andrews. Author of the five book series ‘Dollanganger book series’. But I loved how, the author could still portray love in its purest form.

I love you for reasons that have no beginning and no end. I loved you even before I knew you, so that my love is without reason or design. Tell me to go and I will. But know first, even if you turn me away, I will remember all my life that love that should have been ours, and when I’m stretched out cold I will but love you better after death.
– V.C.Andrews

Extracted from ‘if there be thorns’