How could he

be in the midst of all this and still be 

The noise,  laughter and shear happiness was overwhelming even for me

And there he was in his own space, alone.

Alone but not sad, peaceful, he may not have shared in our glee but he was in his own world and he was happy. I suppose, I want him happy.

He seemed to look harder and longer, he was aware we were here that’s for sure. His  hovering eyes were evident of that

His long inquisitive stare at us was surprisingly not unsettling, he stared not in a stalker way but in pure observation, amusement.

I imagined he couldn’t believe us.

He’s deaf they said and it sunk in.

His deep stare, his silence, his blissful nature.

I felt pity for him then it occurred to me, he had got the better end.

For life wasn’t this, life wasn’t merry and happy all the time, life wasn’t roses and beautiful sounds, life wasn’t laughter and love songs and when life got hard , he won’t hear her mean remarks, he won’t hear her spiteful, hateful words. He would look at her and see only the colours that she gave, he would watch the sun rise and its set and he would imagined she cared.