I’m Watching him watch her.             And it’s beautiful                                  She doesn’t realise that the her very existence, her presence, soft smiles and ‘resting bitch face’ makes him

And that’s when I think of you…

I only think of you when I see love portrayed in the perfect way            Never do I think of what we had      What we had wasn’t it         But what we could have had                    If you were not blind to the only truth standing before you                                 A girl, me deeply in love with you 

But you  made me believe I had a misconception of love                         Made me think I was doing it wrong and you  were showing me how it ought to be                                                         Took me a while but I figured it out   You were wrong                                There was no misconception              This is love                                             My way, my kind of love is one of the many right versions.