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I’m one year old as a blogger and I must say it has not been as easy and fun as I thought it would be. I remember the day I started this blog as if it was yesterday ( that’s cliché but true) , I had just been turned down from joining a spoken word club and I was lying on my bed not sulking but thinking ‘well, my voice has got to be heard one way or the other’ and the idea came to me. I didn’t think long enough to doubt myself I just did it and I knew it was right because I had never been happier.

Fast forward a couple months ahead and it became …. Let’s just say I have had to learn patience and I’m still learning. This will not pick up with a snap of my finger and I’m okay with that because of this :

I have loved and will love so many things but what I remember loving the longest (besides my family) is that feeling that I get when I read something utterly profound, something that causes me to stop and think or feel in a way I haven’t before or cry or laugh and  I dream of a day when  my writing makes someone feel that way.

So I promise no one but myself to keep on keeping on, because I know eventually my dream will come true.