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I remember going into the early hours of my 18th birthday thinking, ’18 years’. It took me 18 years to fall in love with me.

So when he joked ‘ you’re black‘, insult or not, I threw it back in his face.

Yes I’m black

I’m as black as the night giving way to the morning sun.

I’m so black that when it does hits my skin, I shine.

It illuminates my flaws, brings to focus my big black eyes,  highlights my gloriously shaped nose,  sits on the curve of my lips, it’s rays passes through my chemical relaxed hair.

And I refuse to hide anymore.

I embrace it,  cos I’m black.

I’m as black as that bottomless pit.  My depths, few can but barely explore.

I’m what leaves the simple minded confused.

Yes I’m black.

And when I lay in bed at night, blending into the blackness, I whisper to myself;

these black hands will create greatness,  my black legs will climb heights unimaginable, my black skin will be seen’.