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GW (D2): Girl’s Weekend (Day 2)

I must tell you day 1 was fun and the taxify driver that got us lost and raised his voice at us couldn’t put a damper on it even if he tried and he did try. Most people call me quiet and calm and gentle and I am, but when I am disrespected and only when I have too, I put those away and take care of business and I did with this guy. It was dark so he may have not noticed nor will he remember my face but trust me, he will remember my voice.

That was it, if even taxify could get you lost then there was in fact no need, I could get lost all on my own with my public transport, thank you very much! I knew where my friend stayed so this commute will be easy breezy. I would go there, change (I couldn’t wear the skirt of my Bella two piece from @liv.mauel1 while hauling bikes and kekes down) and we would hit the bowling alley at Trokadero ( I had read a great review on it), go to the cinema, if time permits have a late dinner at any of the fast food restaurants around and then back home.

Does anything ever really go as planned? She called me while I was already on my way to change our carefully organised plan. Permit me to skip this part, because I got lost again trying to find her and I was all up in my feelings and rightly so. I had to change in a keke and fix my resting bitch face when we arrived at her friend’s house finally.

Today would go great whether the devil liked it or not because I was seeing BLACK PANTHER again and this vibe could not be killed. All other plans cancelled, we had spent a couple of hours looking for each other and chilling at the friend’s house and before we knew it 7’o clock was here and the time slot for the penultimate showing was 6pm. The next showing was 9pm, we simply had to wait and while we did what else could we do but a photo shoot session? see for yourself.


My Bella two piece from @liv.manuel1 always gives me life.



Your best friend goals


Wakanda forever (I just had to)

We went into the screening room and were lucky enough to sit beside the loudest and ‘funest’ group of 4 girls. I love and hate a loud crowd when watching movies, today though, was all love and this crowd was the best. There were loud shrieks, rounds of applause and yes, those I too sabi people that had to show that this wasn’t their first time seeing Black Panther (well done sir).  I contributed to those shrieks and the ‘Damns’ that were uttered. I couldn’t help myself, Michael B. Jordan gets me every time.


By the time we came out it was way late, all the stores were closed and since we had stayed longer to watch that end scene marvel is known to show revealing their next installation, we were but a handful in the whole mall. Yep, finding a cab will be difficult and it was for me. Bestie had already ordered a taxify and it was on the way. I had to negotiate with a couple of cab drivers. They know you are screwed at this hour of the day so they do not yield, they put up a united front and I must say I was impressed.

I settled with the first cab I approached and acted dumb when he asked which estate in Galadimawa. Ooh you tink say you don find MuMu? So you can hike the price bah? And he would have, he said so when we finally arrived.

My cab driver was cool, he told me stories of his late night passengers and I was amazed.  People be crazy in Abuja ooh. He told me stories about passengers that will sweet talk you into giving them money instead of the other way round, about the guys that will reach the destination, go in on the pretense that they were getting money and never come out, the group that will get in rob you and connect with their friends few meters ahead, my favorite was about the night workers and their particular brand of crazy.

I had to switch back to English because he kindly said ‘this your broken ehe, I no understand’.

‘okay then, carry on’ I laughed

The stories he told me of the route I use every day scared me. He says shit be going down there at night, things shitty enough to put the fear of God in me. I made a mental note, no more night paroles Sophia.

Bestie will be staying a couple more days but the way my bank account is set up… I can’t be flexing back to back like this, my long weekend would have to end here.



Love you best friend. Having you around is always fun